Adult Hockey | House Rules and Suspensions


1st 20 min Run Time
2nd 20 min Run Time
3rd 15 min Run Time

(Any time score differential gets to 6 or more; the clock runs)


Stop Time Running Time
Minors 2 min 3 min
Majors 5 min 7.5 min
Misconduct 10 min 10 min

Time remaining on running time penalties will be adjusted when going to stop time.
(1/3rd of the remaining time will be deducted)

All major penalties carry an automatic game misconduct! There are no major penalties without a game misconduct. The referee may issue a double minor instead for a major penalty where he feels the infraction was accidental.

All third man into an altercation penalties (or player leaving the bench during an altercation), carry an automatic game misconduct penalty.

All game misconduct penalties are for the balance of that game plus a one game suspension.

A player receiving 3 minor penalties in a game receives a 10 min misconduct penalty.
(All double minor penalties count as two minors).

A player receiving 4 minor penalties in a game is ejected from the game! At the referees discretion additional game(s) may be added depending on the severity of the infraction(s). Please check with the referee in charge after the game in order to notify your player of any suspensions. The score keeper and league director are not responsible for reminding you or your players.

These rules as well as ALL USA Hockey Rules and Regulations are in effect.

Note any player caught playing in our facility without Current USA Hockey Registration will be suspended pending a hearing by the NAHA disciplinary board. It is the team captain’s responsibility to ensure ALL of his players are registered members before they take the ice!